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Alissa Beaird


        I’m a doctoral student currently studying at the Arizona School of Professional Psychology. I have experience working with many different populations from various cultural backgrounds. These include all age ranges from children, adolescent, to elderly adults. I have worked with a wide variety of problems that people are facing, including diagnosed disorders, trauma depression, adjustment disorders, anxiety and even eating disorders. I have helped them using interviewing, individual and group psychotherapy as well as psychodiagnostic assessment.

        My passion is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for my clients. My goal is to help others explore their experiences and tell their stories. I strive to incorporate mindfulness practices that can provide tools used to relax, which can be used during our sessions as well as at home and work. I provide an empathetic setting and work to help you determine your personal therapy goals that are individualized specifically for you. My wish is to share therapy with you as a connected team process that supports your individual goals, growth, and self-acceptance. My sessions include the development of a treatment plan and the development of healthy coping strategies where you can feel safe to process your personal experiences and take these insights into your daily life.

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