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Hold Me Tight® Workshop

2018 Hold Me Tight Dates:

January 6 & 7

February 3 & 4

March 10 & 11

April 7 & 8

May 5 & 6

June 2 & 3

July 14 & 15


The facilitator was amazingly effective, helpful, compassionate, insightful, and created a beautifully supportive, safe atmosphere to make this workshop and extremely beneficial experience. This was a powerful, deep, moving, and definitely impactful experience, which I really believe will improve our relationship. I especially loved the small group size and the input from Laurel and Robin made a huge difference. ~ January 2018 workshop participant

Laurel used real life and personal experiences to make the subjects relatable. [The workshop] felt like a good restarting point for a new perspective to move forward in our relationship. ~ January 2018 workshop participant

[The workshop] exceeded my expectations. Seeing and hearing vulnerability in my partner was so worth it. Learning a new way to relate to each other was great. ~ January 2018 workshop participant

Laurel and Robin are both very sensitive, insightful, and contributive. The personal guidance in exercises, great input, and expertise [were] very much appreciated. ~ January 2018 workshop participant

"I'm surprised at the amount of info crammed into two days. I wish we'd had more time though I'm exhausted!... You guys are wonderful. Thanks for your help!" --April 2018 workshop participant

"I'm not the only one feeling this way. The facilitators felt approachable and understanding." --April 2018 workshop participant

"My husband and I were able to speak together about important topics we avoid at home." --April 2018 workshop participant


"Hold Me Tight®" is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson

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