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Carl Bugg

I ground myself in Irvin D. Yalom’s ideas of love – actively concerning myself for the life, growth, and well-being of others. We all make our own way through life’s hardships, and while these circumstances are temporary, the impact those experiences leave behind can last a lifetime. We shift and adapt to those painful experiences, but they often leave behind broken rungs on the ladder to our full potential. I firmly believe in autonomy. I believe that all people inherently know their own meaning, value, and potential. For you that feel you have lost your way, I am here to walk beside you—to help you find your own path and work with you to locate and repair those broken ladder rungs.

Currently, I am completing my Doctor of Psychology degree at the Arizona School of Professional Psychology. As I am a student, my work is supervised by Dr. Robin Potter. I have experience with substance use and addiction counseling, using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy modalities. I am passionate about working with couples and families. Additionally, I am interested in existential therapy, emotionally-focused therapy, and Jungian therapy approaches.

Carl does not take insurance. His rate is $50/hr. Contact him directly at (623) 428-9041

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