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At Biltmore Psychology Services, we specialize in serving clients who are high functioning but want more for their lives. Our clients are successful in many areas, but are struggling to meet their goals or find fulfillment in a particular area.

The following are examples of common issues that can be overcome with counseling:

·       Relationship Difficulties:  couple conflict, communication, sexual issues, emotional intimacy

·       Adjustment to Life Changes: divorce, job loss/change, new parent, remarriage, blended families, retirement

·       Parenting Difficulties: parent-child communication and conflict resolution, setting appropriate boundaries

·       Dealing with Life Stressors: anxiety, panic attacks, depression

·       Dealing with Trauma: PTSD related to combat, rape, critical incidents or car accidents

It is possible to overcome these challenges so that you and your family can have the life you desire. All it requires is that you be:

1.) OPEN TO EXPLORING, and perhaps even challenging your current view of yourself and your difficulties,

2.) WILLING TO CONSIDER different ways of thinking about yourself and others.

3.) WILLING TO EXPERIMENT with new ways of being engaged in life and interacting with others.


There is a lot you can do on your own to help yourself grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward with your life. However, there are some problems that can continue to stand in our way despite our best efforts. As human beings, there are some things that we simply cannot do on our own.

Why waste another moment of your life trying to "do it on your own," especially if that strategy isn't getting you the long-term results you have been seeking.

Let us help you reclaim your life from whatever it is that is keeping you from experiencing happiness. Our clients discover that their past doesn't need to dictate their future. They also learn, often to their surprise, that life can be better than they ever imagined.

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