Depression is physical, it affects all body functions. It can be caused by a trauma, stress, a bad relationship, a thyroid disorder, genetic disorders, it makes us feel down. Breathing and movement can be slowed. You can feel "heavy".

When we are sick, our bodies slow down to divert energy toward healing, taking energy away from concentration and motivation. After we recuperate, some enjoy the return of energy and movement, while others cannot seem to get going again and continue to stay low and depressed. A chronic stress situation such as a stressful job, financial woes, a sick child, or a dysfunctional relationship can keep us on "alert status" until our exhausted bodies put on the "brakes" and propel us into a chronic depression. People, who have been depressed for years, even if it started because of an attachment injury or early trauma, develop the neural pathways and unbalanced chemistry of an endogenous depression. Their bodies have adjusted to living in that state and some physical interventions can be helpful to boost energy.

  • Three grams of omega-3 fish oil, each day, can make a difference for many people.
  • Exercising at least three times a week can release endogenous opioids (feel good peptides) and improve depression. Exercise helps ease most depressions, whatever the cause. Any kind of exercise can improve mood.
  • Reducing "depressants". Many people use substances such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs and high carbohydrate foods to feel better in the short term. These methods invariably backfire and actually increase their feelings of depression.
  • Increasing the amount of protein in the diet, starting with breakfast, can help decrease the desire for sugar and fats.

For some people, help is needed before they can even get started with the physical interventions and that is where therapy such as EMDR can be helpful in building an alliance to beat the woes of depression, so that they can get the motivation to start making changes.

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