Anxiety Therapy In Phoenix Az

Anxiety is a sneaky beast. She can show up in your thoughts. She can get your mind to race, to worry, to wonder, and to create a thousand ‘what if’ scenarios. She can convince you that if you do or don’t act a certain way that there will be terrible ramifications. Sometimes anxiety waits quietly all day until you lay down in bed and then she awakens. She keeps you up, she wakes you up. She can even sneak her way into your dreams. She makes lists and revisits scenes over and over and over again. Anxiety not only invades your mind. She can impact your whole body. She can make you feel jittery, tense, sweaty, or dizzy. She can tighten your muscles and speed up your heart. She can leave your body feeling tired and sore from being tense and on edge. Ultimately, and perhaps most devastatingly, anxiety can impact what you do. She can convince you to avoid, to hide, to lie, or take substances. She can keep you from people or activities or places you otherwise enjoy. And each time she prevents you from doing something, she grows…

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to understand the ways your thoughts, your body, and your actions interact with anxiety. Strategies that help people to turn toward and eventually tame the power of anxiety are evidence-based. If you are interested in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to manage your anxiety, contact Dr. Reed at 623.850.3373 .

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