Hold Me Tight® Workshop


Our HMT groups welcome LGBT couples.

2021 Hold Me Tight Dates:

August 27th & 28th


"The It was useful to help breakdown the cycle we have been stuck in. A facilitator helped break down convos to make my significant other see how I processed and vice versa. I think we are definitely on the right track to move forward in our relationship. We both have a better understanding of one another. I would definitely recommend.
This is a very good start to developing a stronger relationship. "- January 2019 participant

"We benefitted tremendously from the assistance during the conversations. I cant' imagine having lots of couples. This was key for us to get more out of the HMT process than just reading the book and trying it ourselves at home.
Your real-life examples were incredibly helpful. "- January 2019 participant

"The facilitator was amazingly effective, helpful, compassionate, insightful, and created a beautifully supportive, safe atmosphere to make this workshop and extremely beneficial experience. This was a powerful, deep, moving, and definitely impactful experience, which I really believe will improve our relationship. I especially loved the small group size and the input from Laurel and Robin made a huge difference." - January 2018 workshop participant

"Laurel used real life and personal experiences to make the subjects relatable. [The workshop] felt like a good restarting point for a new perspective to move forward in our relationship." - January 2018 workshop participant

"[The workshop] exceeded my expectations. Seeing and hearing vulnerability in my partner was so worth it. Learning a new way to relate to each other was great." - January 2018 workshop participant

"Laurel and Robin are both very sensitive, insightful, and contributive. The personal guidance in exercises, great input, and expertise [were] very much appreciated." - January 2018 workshop participant

"I'm surprised at the amount of info crammed into two days. I wish we'd had more time though I'm exhausted!... You guys are wonderful. Thanks for your help!" - April 2018 workshop participant

" I'm not the only one feeling this way. The facilitators felt approachable and understanding ." - April 2018 workshop participant

" My husband and I were able to speak together about important topics we avoid at home ." - April 2018 workshop participant

"I discovered that human connection is primal. The exercises were non-threatening and helped me understand our relationship dynamics." - June 2018 participant

"This has completely helped put my marriage on the right path. I feel I've been given a compass to explore the map/globe of love and relationship and find the right road to get where needed and wanted." - June 2018 participant

"The workshop approach is fantastic. I loved the back and forth between teaching time and personal sessions. It started us to communicate at a deeper level and hear one another's heart." - June 2018 participant

"It really opened my eyes on how it's good to slow down the conversations. It was all good medicine for our relationship." - June 2018 participant

"I feel like [the weekend] increased understanding overall in our relationship." - September 2018 Participant

"The direction in my dialogue with my husband was so insightful and helpful. I learned so much about sharing with my husband and growth opportunities for me." - September 2018 Participant

"I appreciated how individualized it was in the breakout sessions. It was so helpful to have [the facilitators ] help us get though the conversations. It felt healing and therapeutic to be here!" - September 2018 Participant

"It showed us how to think about problems from a much better place. I feel we're in a better place with room to grow." - October 2018 participant

"I did not want to come but I am glad that I did. This has given me hope that my husband and I can connect and improve." -October 2018 participant

"[The workshop] provides a safe and secure environment to address issues and heal. The facilitator was open and wonderful in support of us all." -October 2018 participant

" Helped unblock places we've been stuck and restore trust through open structured sharing." -October 2018 participant

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